KLAIRĒ NATURAL by KLAIRĒ CLINIC What we have thought and done…not just ordinary cleansing products, but something that concerns sustainable healthcare. We strongly believe a natural production process is the best way to achieve our goal along with the following commitments:

The Philosophy of Longevity
KLAIRĒ NATURAL has been developed by an expert in anti-aging medicine and the founder of KLAIRĒ CLINIC—a leading clinic known for anti-aging expertise. With more than 10 years of experience in providing regenerative and anti-aging treatment, we know that it is not just about taking care of ones’ skin and appearances, as they do need to be healthy from the inside out in order to increase their longevity and to live in true contentment.

Non-toxic Products
KLAIRĒ NATURAL highly focuses on researches and development to create products that are free from toxics and hazardous chemicals. Our process starts from growing and cultivating herbs by a team of organic agriculturalists in Nakhon Si Thammarat—one of Thailand’s provinces embraced by the best quality air. We have meticulously curated raw materials, all of which need to be naturally grown Thai herbs and plants grown in organic agricultural systems that are truly free from contaminated soil and water, fertilizer, and pesticide. Moreover, we also give importance to the production process by prioritizing textures of the products, their color, scent, and lifespan extension. We have been developing and conducting researches based on non-toxic approaches to ensure all consumers that all products offered by KLAIRĒ NATURAL are free from hazardous chemicals and definitely safe for your health in a long run.

Thai Herb Expert
As KLAIRĒ NATURAL products originated from collaborations of multidisciplinary experts, including conventional and Thai traditional medicine, we are specializing in and have extensive knowledge on benefits obtained from natural herbs. We are committed, determined, and devoting to high quality product creation with aims to fulfill consumers’ needs of haircare, scalp care, and skincare. Secret keys and close attention are paid to the extracting process of various Thai natural herbs that are freshly cultivated. Therefore, all products offered by KLAIRĒ NATURAL are abundant with benefits based on the principles of natural treatment approaches. Thanks to all reasons stated above, our products will definitely offer myriad benefits in treating several symptoms effectively, sustainably, and safely.