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Delivered directly from the nature—let’s be free from hazardous chemicals with KLAIRĒ NATURAL

If you care for your health and have delicate or sensitive skin, you should choose a product that is free from hazardous chemicals, or find a product that mainly contains natural ingredients. KLAIRĒ NATURAL by KLAIRĒ CLINIC has created products that fulfill your needs in terms of natural ingredients and chemical-free approaches, starting from planting […]

Keep your skin clean and safe with 3 shower gel formulas offered by KLAIRĒ NATURAL

Because our skins are not fabrics, strong chemicals are not even our choice if we want to deeply clean our skin. KLAIRĒ NATURAL by KLAIRĒ CLINIC has created shower gel that can deeply clean your skin and does not contain any chemicals that are hazardous to you. There are 3 formulas offered. Choose what best […]

Take care your hair and scalp with KLAIRĒ NATURAL’s non-toxic approaches

If you’re currently suffering from dry, oily scalp and dandruff, you should avoid using hazardous chemicals, because they’ll damage your scalp and hair more and more, and eventually lead to hair loss. With KLAIRĒ NATURAL by KLAIRĒ’s unique non-toxic production approaches, we’ve devoted our time to creating 2 formulas of shampoo and conditioner that are […]

Let’s prepare and moisturize your skin with non-toxic Abelmosk Shower Gel.

Definitely, there are many places to visit during winter, whether domestic or international. However, coldness may probably damage or dehydrate our skins due to its dry conditions. As a result, KLAIRĒ NATURAL by KLAIRĒ CLINIC would like to show you that we care by offering our shower gel that will surely help moisturize your skins. […]

Fresh from nature, KLAIRE NATURAL

#HealthyTeam #OrganicTeam Don’t ignore this post! KLAIRĒ NATURAL by KLAIRĒ CLINIC is offering you a wide range of products that best suit yourself, overarching shower gel, shampoo, and conditioning products. All the key ingredients are natural and definitely free from hazardous chemicals thanks to our meticulous production process that employs non-toxic approaches. Starting from the […]

This New Year, Gift KLAIRE Give Care

Here it comes the most festive season of the year. In this special occasion, KLAIRĒ NATURAL by KLAIRĒ CLINIC brings you special promotions throughout the month. Show your loved ones that you care by giving them KLAIRĒ NATURAL products, which overarch shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner. The main ingredients are truly natural and authentic, and […]

KLAIRE NATURAL 100% without 5 Hazzard Ingredient

Apart from taking orally, skin is also another passageway for chemical substances to get into your body. A lengthy contact with these hazardous substances can lead to several diseases. In particular, most of skincare products available in the market contain the following 5 chemical substances. 1. EDTA: A substance that is used for capturing heavy […]

Deep clean your skin and detox PM2.5 with KLAIRE NATURAL

Here they come the very last months of the year. Regardless of cool breezes, airborne fine particulate matter (PM2.5)  often affects our sensitive skins. As a result, you should protect your skin by using KLAIRĒ NATURAL by KLAIRĒ CLINIC’s Herbal Relaxing Shower Gel. Thanks to super nourishing ingredients, including laurel clockvines and lavender oil, the […]

Let​ KLAIRE NATURAL help prevent your hair from being messy.

Noticing what women have to face, KLAIRĒ NATURAL by KLAIRĒ CLINIC therefore proffers Herbal Purifying shampoo and conditioner for those of you who suffer from oily hair, itchy scalp, and scaly flakes. With best ingredients curated, such as kaffir limes, the products help balance moisture and reduce dandruff. Moreover, the ingredients also include dainty spure, […]