Keep your skin clean and safe with 3 shower gel formulas offered by KLAIRĒ NATURAL

Because our skins are not fabrics, strong chemicals are not even our choice if we want to deeply clean our skin. KLAIRĒ NATURAL by KLAIRĒ CLINIC has created shower gel that can deeply clean your skin and does not contain any chemicals that are hazardous to you.
There are 3 formulas offered. Choose what best suits you.
1. Herbal Relaxing Shower Gel: Extracted from Laurel Clockvine and with a refreshing scent of lavender oil, it’s suitable for those of you who have been through a long tough day and want to relax as well as detoxifying the skins.

2. Herbal Nourishing Shower Gel: Extracted from Abelmosk, it’s suitable for those of you who have delicate and sensitive skins, with beneficial attributes of Abelmosk. Enjoy less itchy skins and protect your skin from the cold weather, or even from coolness generated by air conditioning.

3. Herbal Refreshing Shower Gel: Extracted from mangosteen peels, it’s suitable for those of you who suffer from acne prone or inflammatory skins. Another good point is that it helps kill bacteria—a cause of body odor. So, if you’re a sport enthusiast, this shower gel is a perfect choice for you.

All products are produced based on non-toxic approaches, starting from planting by using organic soils through the final step of production. Therefore, they are free from the following 14 hazardous chemicals:

Parabens, silicones, ceteareth, DEA, EDTA, SLS, TEA, PEGs, phthalates, triclosan, lanolin, petroleum products, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic colors.

For clean and beautiful skin results, without strong chemical substances needed.

Two sizes available: 60 ml  (THB 250) and 250 ml (THB 850)
Free nationwide delivery.*
Note: For 60 ml, free delivery is available with at least 3 bottles purchased.

For more information, please contact Line @KlaireNatural

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